Munitions penetration thickness plexiglass

For example, the protective coatings of the German published applications Nos. However, any aluminum I have ever seen will handle far less deformation bending or otherwise than steel before fractures appear. Its use enables the operator to assemble a variety of charges with a variety of projectile thickness and with a range of explosive loads. The first shot was with my and a hot load behind the BTB pile driver jr. The same round on a 1" thick A36 steel plate left a large but shallow crater, with a very slight bulge on the back side of the plate.

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Shooting through glass

Meghan and Serena Williams join the polo set: At the firing range, Adam and Jamie set up a fake lawn consisting of plywood covered with artificial turf and they scattered a line of rocks down its length. The easiest way was a cast zinc bullet at high velocity. Saw video on youtube guys shooting at a steel plate with a 50 BMG. After reading all the posts on this particular topic here and my own issues with the standard rules reguarding armour and penetration values ive long since altered the rules to suit myself and my groups perspectives on it. The body is usually made of steel or aluminium.

USB2 - Device for the disruption of explosive ordnance - Google Patents

Those gun barrel disruptors which project water are of two general types: A properly rammed separate-loading projectile is held in the tube at all angles of elevation by the wedging action of the rotating band against the forcing cone. In this embodiment, spigot 25 , cone 23 and the cavity filled with water together constitute the space-determining element such that the wall of the cavity defines the enclosure for the explosive charge 21 and hence the capacity of the explosive charge. Best I can find is this at The Box'o'Truth: The protective coatings of the state of the art, for the reasons enumerated hereinabove, have not satisfactorily solved the opposed and contradictory requirements that are involved, i. The process as set forth in claim 1, wherein the rapidly curing resin is a polyurethane resin. They previously did one on acrylic, but they used outrageously thick acrylic and acrylic is brittle and so much weaker than polycarbonate of even a lesser thickness.
The pressure disturbance, termed the blast wave, is characterized by an almost instantaneous rise from the ambient pressure to a peak incident pressure Pso. When I was still more or less a rookie an outfit started making clipboards out of ballistic plexiglass. Employing polyurethane as a binder in accordance with the present invention results in a reticulation of the material of the body resulting in high strength and a lower transmission of the body compared with conventional cartridges such as those of U. You can watch our "Polycarbonate vs. No, create an account now. Cool yea I know what you mean.

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