Paddle spank keds

After looking over her inventory for a few moments, she soon returned with a white box. My whole being was filled with pain and noise. Keds live in the wool for four to five months, and are most numerous during the autumn and winter months. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. By the time she had finished spanking my bare ass, I had tears welling up in my eyes. I was relieved when the plug was finally removed from my ass, but my reprieve was short-lived.

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House-sitting For My Mistress - Part 1

Human Ashtray I enjoy using human ashtrays. One good zap from one of those gadgets will make you think twice about gunning down a classmate or teacher. Either way, I expect you to wear your panties the rest of the night, removing them only to use the toilet, before replacing them. Cigar Smoking Fetish You love to watch as I pull my cigar from my humidor, cut off the cap with my guillotine, roast it with my wooden match, then rotate and puff it. Judge Madeline pounds her gavel, finds you guilty, and sentences you to the full extent of the law, her law. Erotic Mind Control As a dominant individual in possession of exceptional emotional strength, I find it quite easy to control the minds of weaker souls. - The #1 Image Site on the Net!

Jasper spanked her until she was sobbing leaving her bottom a deep pink. Human Ashtray While I am a non-smoker, I often get turned on by the idea of smoking. If you seek the humiliation of a public outing, I offer that. Actually, we home school - the reasons why are better suited to its own unique thread. Psychodramatic Role-Play Often, sessions are more fulfilling when a specific role-play scenario is performed. I knew it was time for me to go over Mommy's knee. She wrapped her arms around me and cradled me to her soft breast.
That I loved her; that I would rather cut off my tongue than have to face the shame in her eyes; that I was sorry, oh so sorry for what I had said: When I come back, we are going to have a little talk and then you are going to get a good bottom warming! So much more feminine than those bulky boots I had just begun house-sitting for her that morning on what promised to be at least a two week job. In her deft hand, the soapy cloth was relentless:

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