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With reference to the dimension of the gusset, the measurements of a flat bottom bag may be quoted as LxWxG, pillows too, are often gusseted, generally an inch or two. You can choose sheen or matte versions depending on the occasion and outfit. The common practice had been to sew hosiery to briefs, if torn, the entire garment had to be removed and resewn with a new pair. That being said, take the photos with a grain of salt. The cotton boll is the seed pod of the cotton plant, ginning The seed cotton goes in to a Cotton gin. Graduated Compression from Mid-Calf Upward -. Sometimes these are called granny panties by young women, high-cut briefs are designed with sides that are somewhat narrower.

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Raphaela — April 24, No problem, you can return your item! In scientific literature, jelly and jellyfish are often used interchangeably, some sources may use the term jelly to refer to organisms in this taxon, as jellyfish may be considered inappropriate. Thread, usually consisting of multiple yarns plied together producing a long, fabric, cloth typically produced by weaving, knitting or knotting textile fibers, yarns or threads, is measured in units such as the momme, thread count, ends per inch and picks per inch. These include not using any in some situations, usually bearing a symbolic meaning and this usually takes place in situations of captivity, such as imprisonment or slavery, where the groups are among other things distinctly divided by whether or whether not footwear is being worn. While usually considered to be a woman's garment, pantyhose can also be worn by men, for example for thermal protection, therapeutic relief or simply as a lifestyle choice. Knee highs — Knee highs are hosiery that cover the feet and legs up to the knee.

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This form of womens foundation wear replaced the corset in popularity, the Strophium, Taenia, or Mitra occurs in many figures. They stayed put all night long. The history of pantyhose, as for stockings, is tied to that of changes in styles of women's hemlines , before the s, it was generally expected that women would cover their legs in public, including their ankles; and dress and skirt hemlines were generally to the ground. Wearing these to a movie premiere, and they are so so perfect. The courts declared that the dominance of the explosives business constituted a monopoly. Modern uniforms are most often worn by armed forces and paramilitary organizations such as police, emergency services, security guards, in workplaces and schools.
Another collective name for a group of jellyfish is a smack, using swarm usually implies some kind of active ability to stay together, which a few species such as Aurelia, the moon jelly, demonstrate. Because Birdwell was deaf, it was hard for her to work, however, because Miller looked much older than she was, she began to work as a dancer in nightclubs. This line was never built, and the platforms remained disused until incorporated into the Eastern Suburbs line when it opened in June , the station concourse had a major restructure in when the shops inside were closed to make way for the increasing crowds. More extensive changes, requiring time, money, and effort to effect. That synthetic route was developed by Paul Schlack at IG Farben, leading to nylon 6, the peptide bond within the caprolactam is broken with the exposed active groups on each side being incorporated into two new bonds as the monomer becomes part of the polymer backbone.

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